A Case For Facebook Lead Generation Ads + Klaviyo for Contests

One of the fastest ways to grow an email list is by running contests and giveaways. This isn’t a novel statement and is a tried and true tactic. However, what is the best way to use advertising dollars to support these contest?

One of our favorite features of Klaviyo is the ability to integrate Facebook Lead Generation ads with a Klaviyo List. This means you can run ads on Facebook that collect customer emails and sends them directly to Klaviyo.

The best part, customers don’t ever need to leave Facebook or Instagram when they fill out a form. A simple click and they have entered.

We wanted to determine how effective this type of advertising is when running contests vs using a contest entry form embeded onto a landing page supported by traffic ads. This past April we ran an a/b test to find our answer.

The Test

We created two campaigns for this A/B test, a traffic campaign pointing to an entry form on the brand’s website and a lead generation campaign.

Both campaigns used the same targeting, the same creative and copy, and both only asked for an email newsletter subscription to enter. This test had an even 50/50 split between budget and ran for one week.

The Results

Klaviyo Facebook Lead Generation Cost Per Lead
Klaviyo Facebook Lead Generation Total Leads

Facebook Lead Generation ads were the clear winner. They brought in more than double the newsletter subscribers at a significantly lower Cost Per Lead. Growing the newsletter list is the first of many steps to maximize our investments in these efforts. We created a series of automated emails using various Klaviyo tools. These flows included:

  • Welcome Email + Thank You
    This email welcomed new subscribers to the newsletter, introducing them to the brand, what to type of emails to expect as a subscriber, and showed some of the top-selling products.
  • Announced the Winner + Promo Code
    We took advantage of Klaviyo’s ability to create unique customer-specific promo codes in Shopify for this campaign. This allowed us to send a unique promo code to every person who entered the contest as a thank you, further driving sales and benefit to the brand.
  • Entered into regular Newsletter communication
    From here, customers were then entered into the brand’s regular email newsletter for further warming & nurturing.

Our Summary

By using Facebook Lead Generation ads with the Klaviyo integration, we were able to grow the brand’s email list at a significantly lower Cost Per Lead than previous methods. Additionally, by using the Klaviyo discount code integration with Shopify, we further drove eCommerce sales creating additional value for the brand from the contest.


Have you used Facebook Lead Generation ads? Have any tips & tricks? Leave a comment and share your insights. Or take a look at some of our digital advertising services.

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