How to add Paid Social into Google Analytic’s Channel Groupings

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Google Analytics is one of our favorite tools because you can customize so much about it. We have been playing around with Custom Channel Groupings here at Akers Digital and wanted to share with you a simple grouping that you can use for your Paid Social.

Look at the above capture from one of our clients, and you can see how Paid Social gets its own channel. If you are paying for boosted posts, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or Instagram ads, generally that traffic gets grouped into the Social channel. This can make it difficult to monitor both paid and organic social efforts.

So how did we get Paid Social into its own channel grouping?

Using UTM Parameters, we set our medium to paidsocial for all of our social ads. Then we headed into Google Analytics and created a custom channel grouping. Just click this link to install our custom channel grouping into your GA account.

custom channel grouping google analytics


Once installed, you can select the Custom Channel Grouping in your acquisition reports or your attribution models. And voila, you have a Paid Social channel. Download the custom channel grouping, give it a shot, and let us know what you think.


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