How To Come Up With Blog Content Ideas

We are frequently asked to by clients to assist in blog or content creation. Brands are looking to come up with content that sticks, that will rank well, and that will connect with their target audience. So how do we advise these brands?

We let Moz do the work.

Moz has a great series called Whiteboard Fridays. If you are not familiar with the series, we highly suggest you check it out. It is chalked full of great advice and actionable insights. Actionable being the key terms because these are practices you can start using right away. The video below talks through a six topic framework that will help you generate great blog ideas. Don’t have time to watch the video (which we highly recommend)? We summarized the video for you.

How To Generate Blog Content Ideas

Good content should help readers accomplish a goal, inform, entertain, or inspire readers, or leave readers with a positive brand impression. A quality piece should hit on one of these topics, if not multiple. So where should you begin in devising a list of topics? Here are six areas.

1) Unanswered Questions

Are there unanswered questions about your product or industry? Do particular questions keep coming up over and over again on your social channels or through your customer support? These would make great topics that are relevant to your audience and meets a definite need, that is why they are asking the questions already!

Additionally, you can use Moz’s Keyword Explorer and filter by questions, offer surveys to your customers, or even do in-person meetings and interviews.

2) Unique Assets

Do you have something unique to offer? In the form of research, access to exciting individuals (athletes, thought leaders), creative skills like videography or photography? Maybe highly relevant and compelling case studies? Behind the scenes access to exclusive events?

Access to unique assets all adds up to high-quality content sources that your readers won’t be able to get from anywhere else.

3) Personal Stories

Everyone loves a brand that has a personal face to it so tell your story! Your readers want to hear your thoughts and ideas, how you channel your inner creativity, and other lessons you have learned. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself a bit.

4) Trending Topics

Writing about trending topics is always a great way to generate content ideas. Topics don’t need to be what’s trending on Twitter, although they can be, but instead what is trending in your field. For example, at the time of this post GDPR compliance is a hot topic! Writing content about how to be GDPR compliant or pointing people to resources to learn more would be an example of a trending topic.

Use RSS readers like Feedly, read your favorite publications, listen to podcasts, or see what topics are frequently discussed in FB groups. Google Trends can be another exciting place to find trending topics.

5) Keyword Research

Good old pure keyword research. Dig through Google AdWords keyword research tool or Moz’s. Find out what keywords are commonly searched and craft copy around these keywords. Try and identify keyword themes and specific longtail keywords to use. For example, the keyword “SEO” isn’t going to give you much direction on content ideas but the long tail term “optimize images for SEO” might.

6) One Level Of Extraction

I call this one the Venn Diagram approach. Find a topic that has some crossover with your brand and write about it. If your company makes tents, writing content about tents all day long will get boring for the reader. Instead, you can write about what makes an ideal campsite or a packing list for a weekend trip. Maybe even the top 10 places to camp.

So there you have it, six ways to generate quality content ideas. What are your favorites ways to brainstorm quality content ideas? Leave a comment and let us know.

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