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Many people think investing in digital advertising is the first thing you should do to grow your brand.

We think it is one of the last.

Our philosophy for digital ads, from Google to Facebook or Instagram, is similar to that of conversion rate optimization. Start as close to the point of conversion as possible and work your way back.

If your checkout process is broken (or not working well) it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at advertising, you’re not going to see a return. Our knowledge of the eComm, web analytics, and years of experience working exclusively in the outdoor industry allows us to look at the bigger picture and make sure advertising efforts are supporting the entire sales funnel and aligned with brand goals..

This is what makes us different. We spend budgets like they are our own. We are hyperfocused on outcomes & conversions, making sure they are being as efficient as possible and ensuring campaigns of all sizes succeed.

Google Partner Google Ads Outdoor Industry

A Google PartneR Agency

Everyone at Akers digital is Google Ads Certified. We know our stuff. From Google Ads, Merchant Center, Manufacturer Center, Google Shopping and more.

Industry Specialization

We know the bike, ski, and outdoor space. That is why we are proud members of the PeopleForBikes Coalition.

Nonprofit work

We help support a great group of nonprofits that do some amazing work. From HikeItBaby, USA Nordic, Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, NOLS, and more.

What Are we good at?

Everything Google

Our specialty is in all things Google Ads. From Search, Shopping Ads, optimizing data feeds for Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center (yes those are different things), creating Responsive Display Ads that reference custom data sets, to utilizing programs like Youtube for Shopping and Youtube for Action.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

This means we spend way to much time withing Facebook Business Manager creating custom conversions, hooking up Facebook audiences to brands CRMs, creating mobile experiences for ads, and more.

An Integrated Advertising Approach

Silo’s suck, unless you work in agriculture. Effective advertising campaigns only happen when they are integrated with other marketing efforts. This means email marketing, homepage creative, landing page development, influencer & athlete management, and event activation.

Do we do all of these things? No (well, we do email, creative, and landing pages). But we will work with internal teams and other agencies to ensure your marketing is firing on all cylinders.

Have a question? get in touch.

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