Dynamic Remarketing Is Coming To Instagram

You’re shopping on one of your favorite sites, find an awesome new backpack you like, then close down your browser and continue with your day. Now everywhere you turn on the internet for the next two weeks you see that same stinking backpack! Dynamic Remarketing, and it is now coming to Instagram.

But the question is, should you use dynamic remarketing on Instagram?

The short answer is yes but track your results. Set aside a small test budget and see how the efforts pay off for you. Here is some advice.

Don’t use the same exact image from your website.

Your product image should be optimized for Instagram. This means it looks good on mobile, doesn’t have small text, and is in a 1:1 format. Try using images that highlight your product in action as well. These types of images tell more of a story than just a floating product image.

Set clear goals & test against those goals.

Are you trying to drive direct sales? Build awareness? Identify what success is and how you will measure it before you start. Once this is done, try different ad variations to see which performs better. Maybe the floating product images work better for you? Maybe a different voice in your copy provides a stronger result? The truth is you won’t know until you test.

Need help setting up ads?

You will need a Facebook Business Manager Account, a Tracking Pixel in place and an updated Product Catalog. Have questions on how to get these running for your brand? Leave a comment or send me a message.

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