Our Favorite Shopify Apps

Shopify is an incredibly powerful eCommerce platform and one that I love to work with. The great thing about the platform is that it can grow with a business. It is incredibly simple to set up, yet with its robust system of apps, it is a powerful system. There are a few standout apps that I have found every Shopify owner should have.

Product Discount – $99
This app will make implementing your promotional calendar a dream. It allows you to quickly schedule your sales but also comes with so many other great features. These features including being able to auto-tag items on sale to be included on your sale collection, creating deal of the day promotions, and even adds a sale icon to your product image within the collection.

Facebook РFree
Shopify comes with the feature to install the Facebook Tracking Pixel. However, there are a ton of benefits when you install Facebook event tracking alongside the Pixel. This includes being able to track your Facebook ads through to the point of conversion, create custom audiences based on shopping cart abandonment and other eCommerce triggers, and more importantly, being able to easily set up dynamic remarketing ads. Dynamic remarketing ads are a highly converting ad type on the Facebook platform and one you should be using within your digital advertising strategy.

Google Shopping App РFree
Shopping ads, or Product Listing Ads, are a great ad type on Google Search however that is not the reason this app is on the list, Just like Facebook’s Dynamic Remarketing, Google has its own version of Remarketing Ads, and this app enables the use of them. Stay top of mind with your potential customers through dynamic ads.

Product Reviews – Free
Reviews are a benefit for a variety of reasons from SEO to your customer’s shopping experience. On the SEO side, reviews are typically packed full of keywords and also let you include things like 5-star ratings within search. On the user experience side, reviews have been shown to increase conversion rate by starting a conversation around products and letting current customers help sell products for you to future customers.

What are your favorite Shopify Apps? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment and let me know!

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