Is your nonprofits advertising budget tight? Google has the answer.

Tight budgets are nothing new in the non-profit world, they are instead an everyday reality. I know I am preaching to the choir on this one if you find yourself working for one of these amazing companies.

So, what if I said that you could get a $120,000/yr grant? Plus access to a plethora of other great tools?

Meet Google for Nonprofits & Google Ad Grants. Let’s run through these programs, saving the good stuff for the end. The good stuff is that $120,000/yr ad grant. First up, what is Google for Nonprofits?

gsuite for nonprofits

G-Suite Basic

We love G-Suite. It is what we use here at Akers Digital. Your email is run through Gmail plus you have access to Google Calendars, Drive, and Hangouts. All of this is run through your nonprofits domain name. This makes collaborating across your organization a million times easier.

Google has a suite of tools that they offer for free to members of Google for Nonprofits. Let us run through these tools and how your nonprofit could benefit from them.

youtube nonprofit

Youtube Nonprofit Program

Sure, anyone can sign up for a Youtube account. So what makes Youtube Nonprofit so special? Really, it comes down to the ability to use the donation card or donation Call-To-Action (CTA) directly in your video. This is a huge feature when trying to drive donations or another action like an email signup.

Google Earth Google Maps Nonprofit

Google Earth & Google Maps

Need to bring your supporters to a location? Map resources? Visualize your nonprofit’s impact? Or just publish a simple map? You can use Google’s 360-degree street view technology to virtually take your audience anywhere. Google Earth and Google Maps is a powerful set of tools that can do just this.

To apply for Google for Nonprofits, head over to

Google Ads Nonprofit Grant

Google Ad Grants

Ready for the best part of the Google for Nonprofits program, the $10,000/mo Google Ads Grant? $10,000 in monthly advertising sounds pretty nice if you’re a digital marketer for a nonprofit. However, this grant money comes with a few restrictions.

In order to keep the grant, nonprofits need too:

  • Maintain an account CTR of above 5%
  • Keywords must have a quality score of 3 or above
  • CPC bid cap of $2.00
  • And more

The Google Ad Grant program is also always changing. Starting January 1, 2019, Google is getting rid of the CPC bid cap but is adding guidelines stating that all ads must be in line with the mission of the nonprofit.

Most nonprofits struggle to follow these rules and either end up getting their Google Ads Grant suspended, don’t use the entire grant, or the account ends up sitting largely unused. This is why we recommend finding an agency to help you manage your Google Ad Grants.

Can your nonprofit benefit from the Google Ads program? Have questions? Leave a comment, fill out the form below, or send us a message.


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