What’s the difference between Google Manufacturer Center and Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is there to help you add product details to Google organic results and Shopping Ads that you think will help you sell your product. This program is designed for retailers and merchants, whether they are using Shopping ads or not.

The great news is that Merchant Center accounts are available to any retailer or brand who would like to use Google or who already use Google to advertise the products that they sell. Details can be retailer catered information such as price, availability, product type, shipping information, and more. Which means this is accessible to you, the person reading this, and your retailers.

The feed for Google Manufacturer Center is for brand manufacturers only to share detailed and rich product information such as product titles, descriptions, images, key features, YouTube videos, and more. Since data is coming directly from the brand manufacturer, it will trump the data that is in the Merchant Center. This allows for more brand consistency across retailers and shopping ads.

The information that you add into the Manufacturer Center helps make Google’s overall product catalog more comprehensive. However, Manufacturer Center is only available to manufacturers, brand owners, and brand licensors, regardless of whether they sell directly to consumers.

When you add all of this information into one or both Manufacturer Center or Merchant Center it helps Google to differentiate your product from others using your key features. This helps Google Ads work to deliver the most informative and targeted Shopping Ads to the best users based on their search history.

It is RECOMMENDED manufacturer to participate in both Merchant Center and Manufacturer Center.

How will this benefit My Brand?

Google Merchant Center

Without Google Merchant Center your ads will not show up in Google Shopping Ads campaigns. Plus Google Merchant Center will allow you to create dynamic remarketing ads, get products in responsive display ads, create seller ratings, and join other Merchant Center program like Shopping Actions.

Even if you are not advertising with Google, uploading a product data feed to Google Merchant Center, has been shown to improve organic search results.

Google Manufacturer Center

By using Google Manufacturer Center you can increase shopper engagement and create a more consistent shopping experience. This benefits your brand by driving more traffic and increase conversion rates.

Adding detailed product data enables Google to show more relevant organic and paid search results. This includes showing product videos directly in search results as well as other SEO benefits.

Not convinced yet?

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