Google Responsive Ads vs HTML5 Ads

We have been on a big kick with Google’s Responsive Display Ads recently and for good reason, they are performing really well! A few weeks back Kayse wrote a great post on why Responsive Ads Matter. Now, we wanted to share with you some of the successes we have seen from using Responsive Ads.

Responsive Ads vs HTML5 Ads

We love HTML5 ads. They look great, are interactive, and generally have higher engagement compared to static ads. What we don’t like about them? They can be expensive to make with design & development costs and you need to make a lot of size variations.

We ran some HTML5 ads as well as Google’s Responsive Display ads to the same audience on the same budget over a two month time period.

The results?

google responsive display vs html5 ads

Click Through Rates increased from 0.02% to 1.13% with Responsive Display. Conversion Rates went from 0.56% all the way up to 3.56%. Now that is a huge increase. And better yet, our Cost Per Click also went down from $1.10 per click to $0.38.

Not bad huh?

Recently, we have been experimenting with adding product feeds into the responsive display ads as well. We will see how adding in these product feeds, coupled with dynamic remarketing tags, will have an affect on ad performance.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Agree that Google HTML5 ads work great. Hence we’ve made it easy to build them at Quest AI ( Simply import your design document and we generate launch-ready HTML5 automatically. You can add interactions and animations too without writing code.

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