The Next PeopleForBikes #DraftMeetup Is Jan 24th at 6pm.

What: A PeopleForBikes #DraftMeetup
When: January 24, 2017, starting at 6 pm
Where: Park City Brewery

Drafting in cycling is when groups of riders work together to better achieve their goals, typically riding faster and conserving energy. #DraftMeetup was designed by PeopleForBikes with the same philosophy in mind, if we work together, we can go further, faster, and more efficiently.

The goal of #DraftMeetup is to bring the Utah cycling community together. We want to serve as a forum for sharing ideas, meeting one another, and just talking bikes. Our events are free, open to the public, light on programming, and heavy on conversation. Each event has 3-4 speakers that get 5 minutes to present on a topic, followed by a 5-minute Q&A. So who is speaking at the January 24th Draft event?

The event starts at 6 pm with programming beginning at 6:30. Generally, all of the speakers finish up between 7:30-8pm with mingling before and after. We hope to see you at our upcoming event! Don’t worry, this time we got some swag!

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