The Warfield SEO Project

The Warfield Relaunch

The Warfield Distillery, Brewery and Restaurant recently went through a major renovation to increase their production capacity. With this added capacity, they knew they needed a strong digital presence to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales.

The Challenge

The previous website was not SEO friendly. It had various indexing issues, poorly structured content and as a result, poor search engine ranking.

The Approach

We were brought onto the project by Crown Union who was building a new site for Warfield. The new site needed to have a strong SEO foundation and we focused on Technical SEO elementals as well as On-Page SEO.


Our main goal was to make sure Google was able to read the new site and understand the various products and services that Warfield offered. To do this, we got our hands dirty with all things Google. This meant creating a Google Search Console account and submitting sitemaps, setting up Google Manufacturer Center with appropriate product data, as well as writing JSON-LD for the various pages to highlight services.


This is what we consider classic SEO. Writing title tags and meta descriptions, ensuring the proper use of H1/2/3 tags, the appropriate use of keywords in content without stuffing, and of course a lot of keyword research. We additionally used a Content-Keyword Map to further identify gaps in the content strategy.

The Results


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Search Visibility


Increase in

First Page Rankings

After the first 6-weeks of the site launch, we saw a 49% improvement in organic search traffic Year Over Year, not bad. Additionally, Google Search Console continues to show improvements with SERP Features and enhancements including Core Web Vitals, Sitelink Search Boxes, and more.

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