Prepare your eCommerce promotions the same way you would a trip from your In-Laws

It is happening, the in-laws are flying into town from the other side of the country and for a trip like this to go successful, it needs to be well planned and well executed. The similarities between planning this type of visit with planning your next eCommerce promotion or campaign are shockingly similar.

Be Customer Centric

If they are big hockey fans, don’t take them to a football game. If they love the great outdoors, a trip to the mall probably is not the best use of time. The same goes for your customers, think about them first. What do they want? Why are they on your site? Are you providing them the information, products, or services they are looking for?

Make sure your content, look & feel match up with your customer expectations. Remember, segmentation is your friend, and there is nothing wrong with having multiple landing pages for the same promotion with a little more personalization towards particular groups.

Plan Ahead

You don’t want to wait until your spouse’s parents are stepping off the plane to think about what to do, go in with a plan. Know what activities are going to happen on what days, what meal you’re going to cook, and know what events are going on in town.

Plan out your promotions the same way. Know what emails you’re going to send & when, what products are going to be involved, how you are going to talk about it on social media, what your digital marketing efforts look like, and ensure your user experience is on point.

Get the Right Tools in Place

Nobody likes game night when you don’t own any board games, or even worse when you have really crappy board games. Make sure you have the right tools in place for your promotion. This can range from having the ability to actually implement your promotion, making sure you have the appropriate creative needs to spread the word, and ensuring your landing page is optimized (you do have a landing page right? And no, your homepage doesn’t count).

I can’t tell you how many times I hear extremely in-depth and complicated promotions that leave the customer confused or require lots of time and manual effort to implement. Time is money, and if you are asking staff to do a lot of manual work for your promotion, it is going to need to be REALLY successful for it to be worth it.

Don’t make things too complicated

An elaborate scavenger hunt only works if there is a BIG surprise waiting at the end. If you send their parents on a photo mission across the city there better be a baby announcement at the end of it. Your campaign should stick with the KISS philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid. If customers are jumping through hoops to get something they can find anywhere, you probably won’t meet your goals. Make sure the prize (discount/promotion) is worth your customers time and effort. Remember, you are always puttingĀ customers top of mind with everything you do.

Make your in-laws happy, make your boss happy by being customer-centric, planning ahead, having the right tools in place, and keeping it simple. What are some of your favorite tips for planning out marketing campaigns?

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