SEO Fitness Matters – Get Your Yearly Checkup – An SEO Audit

There are more than a few articles out there comparing SEO to physical fitness levels. You cannot gain physical fitness if you don’t work consistently at it. Quality SEO is more than just adding a few tags to your site and changing meta descriptions, it is about optimizing the user experience, making your website crawler friendly, writing consistently, and monitoring progress. One of the best ways to monitor progress is with an SEO audit.

What can you learn from an SEO audit?

Our audits focus on three areas; technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-site SEO. These three areas are the foundation of SEO, and each one ties into a different aspect of your business and marketing plan.

Technical SEO

Is your website friendly to search engines? Is it showing duplicate content with multiple URL’s pointing to the same or similar content? Are the page speed problems? Is your sitemap set up correctly? Is your site marked up with structured data? Are you including product reviews, prices, and availability within your search results?

You can think of Technical SEO as the developer side of SEO, the coding. By identifying areas that need improvement, we can work with your developers or use our own developers to implement fixes.

On-Page SEO

Is your copy keyword targeted? Do users have a positive experience on the site? Is your content informational and a benefit to customers? Is your page easy to navigate with a logical layout?

Copy, design, and the user experience are the main elements of on-page SEO. All copy needs to be written with the customer in mind while still using targeted keywords for improved rankings. This means writing keyword rich, informative copy that meets your client needs. Your site and page layout must allow for easy navigation through your sales funnel.

Off-Site SEO

Is your site being linked to from other quality websites? Do you have any penalties from black-hat (aka sketchy) SEO practices? Are you optimizing the efforts of your Public Relations team to help your sites SEO?

If you have a PR team, you are half way to building fantastic off-site SEO. Search engines want to show really great websites within their results, and one of the best ways search engines do this is by monitoring which sites link to your site. If a highly reputable site links to you, then you must be highly reputable. See how that works?

Your PR agency is already doing this job! They are finding you great press hits and starting a conversation around your brand. However, most PR agencies stop at the press hit. An article or mention about your brand doesn’t do much for SEO unless they link back to you (although Google has hinted at this changing). Is your PR agency taking the next step and making sure all of your digital media hits link back to your site? If not, they should be, and an SEO audit can discover these opportunities.

Final Thoughts

You might have an in-house SEO team or have done some SEO in the past. But when was the last time you did a full-scale audit to see if there are any holes in your current SEO strategy? Organic search traffic is typically the number one acquisition channel for most websites, and a 3rd-party review of SEO efforts should be a priority to make sure your website is generating as much traffic as possible.

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