Required Reading: SEO for Growth

There is often a disconnect in the digital world between designers, developers, and marketers. These three groups so often live in silos with little collaboration. Designers make beautiful looking websites, developers build incredibly powerful online tools, and marketers (should) know the audience better than anyone.

I see a lot of beautiful sites that forget about SEO. No structured data, no sitemap, and full of duplicate content and 404 errors. Web sites with incredibly sophisticated tools, difficult to use custom CMS’s, or pages that are not crawl-friendly like those with tabs. This creates websites that are not ideal for your customer. Your site should be easy to find, easy to use, and easy to convert.

So how do we get everyone on the same page?

John Jantsch and Phil Singleton recently released a book titled SEO For Growth. This book should be required reading for everyone who lays hands on a web site. By giving both a high-level overview and a more detailed overview without getting too far into the weeds. Your entire team will understand the importance of SEO and why it needs to be a consideration early on when talking about your marketing plan instead of an after thought.

SEO for Growth covers a range of topics. A quick overview of the history of SEO and where we are now, inbound marketing techniques, link building, reputation management, paid search, Google Analytics and more. Additionally, the book is chalked full of real life examples which provide useful context on why all of this stuff actually matters. Examples of how to improve Local SEO and why structured data actually matters, not just what it is.

Pick up a copy of SEO for Growth, read it today, and thank me later. If you’re in the Salt Lake City area, I’ll even lend you my own copy! What are your biggest struggles or questions about SEO? Leave a comment and let me know!

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