A look at Shopify Infrastructure – Shopify eCommerce Course

Last week we told you that Shopify was launching a 21-video eCommerce course for its Shopify Partners. Instead of bringing you all 21 videos, we decided to select our favorites. In this post, we wanted to touch base on Shopify infrastructure. How will you organize your site? What will your offer page look like? How about the checkout process?

Let’s get started with a video on infrastructure, shall we?

Pretty straight forward huh? That is one of our favorite things about the Shopify platform; it is easy to set up for small businesses while still allowing room for lots of customization for larger brands. Next up we want to dive into the most important page on your site, the offer page. This page can take the form of a product page, a free sample, or even a download. Let’s hear what Ezra has to say.

Lastly, the checkout page.
If you have a poor checkout process your conversion rate is going to suffer. When your conversion rate suffers, you suffer. Shopify doesn’t allow you to modify a lot on the checkout page, but you do have some flexibility. As Ezra points out, there are a couple of must have in your checkout process.

There you have it, Shopify infrastructure 101. Up next we will talk about Facebook advertising and using the Facebook Pixel. We have a major love-hate relationship with the Facebook advertising platform. It is effective however can be a bit… tricky to use. The post should be a helpful one!

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