Slip ‘n Soar – Utah Olympic Park

The Utah Olympic Park was the site of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Since that time the Olympic Legacy Foundation has operated the venue and it remains the summer training facility for freestyle skiers including moguls, aerials, and freeride. However this year it also became the venue for an unusual event, the Slip ‘n Soar.

The water ramps, typically reserved for skiers, were converted over to giant slip ‘n slides. Sliders would go down the ramps and launch themselves into the pool below. We were there to help out. To promote the event we used a combination of Facebook Advertising & Content Marketing to pack the deck. Throughout the events, we were on to keep the Utah Olympic Parks’ social feed full of great imagery.┬áThe results? A packed, boisterous, sold out venue.

The Slip ‘n Soar drew the attention of the Today Show, Travel Channel, and even Youtube star Devin Supertramp.

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