SEO for eCommerce Product Pages

8 SEO Tips For eCommerce Product Pages

Having a product page optimized for SEO doesn’t just help improve your search position on Google, it helps advertising performance and improves general user experience which leads to a higher conversion rate and more sales. Before we dive into our list of suggestions, we wanted to talk about one overarching principle. The one thing that … Continue reading 8 SEO Tips For eCommerce Product Pages

Our take on Moz's Whiteboard Friday

Our Take On Moz’s Whiteboard Friday – SEO Strategy for 2017

One of our favorite video series here at Akers Digital is Moz's Whiteboard Friday. The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, gives out so many nuggets of wisdom in these videos that it is worth adding them to your RSS reader. In his New Year edition, Rand talks about what goes into a plan for SEO in 2017. Here are some highlights and my thoughts on his advice.

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SEO Fitness Matters – Get Your Yearly Checkup – An SEO Audit

There are more than a few articles out there comparing SEO to physical fitness levels. You cannot gain physical fitness if you don't work consistently at it. Quality SEO is more than just adding a few tags to your site and changing meta descriptions, it is about optimizing the user experience, making your website crawler friendly, writing consistently, and monitoring progress.

Improving SEO via Content Marketing, also known as just Marketing

This past week I joined in on a Google Partners session about mobile advertising & analytics. A major lesson from that presentation, which applies to marketing as a whole, is that consumers want to be entertained and informed. In order to do this, we need to be there, be useful, and be quick. How can we improve SEO and our customers experience through better content?