The Cycling Industry’s Changing Media & Digital Landscape – Interbike Podcast

This year Interbike has started up a new podcast series, not surprisingly called Interbike the Podcast. It is a bi-weekly podcast that touches on current events, new products, and trends within the cycling industry. We highly suggest you add this podcast to your morning coffee sipping queue. This weeks episode is on the changing media and digital landscape in the cycling industry and has guests including Zap Espinoza of Road Bike Action, Billy Sinkford of Echos Communications, and David Zimberoff the VP of Marketing at SRAM.

What do you think is the role of traditional media outlets is in today’s cycling industry? As well as the role of influencers? The Interbike Podcasts touches on a lot of great topics ranging from the relationship between print media and digital media, traditional media vs social influencers, and how brands should move forward in this ever-changing world. 

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