Gmail sender requirements

Hey outdoor brand storytellers! Brace yourselves for a trek through Gmail's new email authentication landscape. Don't worry, fellow explorers, it's not K2 – more like a scenic trail with 3 key checkpoints:

1. Gear Up: DMARC as your trusty crampons (need a few DNS setting changes). This protocols verify your brand's identity, keeping spammers out of your campfire circle. In a nut shell, this tells email providers what to do when an email looks spammy.

The TXT record we typically set up at first is:

v=DMARC1; p=none;

By adding in an rua, you can monitor if someone is trying to spoof your domain. If you are seeing a big increase, then you can set your P level to quarantine or reject. Have questions on this? Let us know. 

2. Follow the Trail: Align your "From" address with your sender domain – imagine pointing trail markers to the right campsite. This means your From address domain needs to be the same as your root domain. In Klaviyo, the typical sending domain is Your From address simply needs to be and you’re all set!

3. Make it easy to say goodbye: Google is asking for an unsubscribe link in the body of the email. Additionally, Klaviyo is making some changes called a “List Unsubscribe Header” which will be launched by Feb. 

4. Don’t be the loudmouth in the campground:  No one likes the loud party in the campground. Keep unsubscribe rates low, under 0.30%. Klaviyo will give these numbers, but also sign up for Google’s Postmaster Tools to monitor directly in Google. 

5. Build Campfire Trust: Embrace these changes, show your legit, and watch open rates soar! Klaviyo's spam prevention tools are your trusty scouts, keeping you clear of email purgatory.

Klaviyo's resources are your map and compass – navigate the new landscape with confidence!

These changes are an opportunity to strengthen your connection with your audience, become trusted guides, and conquer the inbox summit. So, grab your Klaviyo backpack and let's explore!

P.S. For the full deep-dive, check out this article from Klaviyo (linked below) – it might lack some outdoor metaphors, but it is packed with a how-to guide on what you need to do to stay compliant. 

Klaviyo’s Deep Dive Article Link: