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Our Digital Marketing Services

Akers Digital collaborate with outdoor brands to reach their peak through innovative and effective digital marketing and E-commerce services.

Digital Advertising

We utilize all Google ad types, social advertising on Facebook & Instagram, and Basis programmatic ads. All of these tools help us increase your brand awareness, site traffic, and conversions. We are a certified Google Partner and a member of the Meta Partner Program.

eCommerce Services

Once we get customers to your site, it's our best opportunity to get them to conversion so everything needs to be dialed. We are a Shopify Partner and we’ve worked with large and small brands on the standard and Plus platforms.

Email Marketing

We build, test, and optimize email campaigns that drive results. We also create automated workflows and transactional emails to increase conversions and take tasks off of your to-do list. We are a Klaviyo Gold Partner and Klaviyo Champion.

Search Engine Optmization

Our holistic approach to SEO looks at the user experience as well as the technical elements of SEO. We ensure your content is easily readable by humans and search engines.

What Our Clients Say
Akers Digital manges our SEO ad spend and strategy, consults on shopify best practices, and provides guidance on integrations. As a small team, we can't be experts at everything, nor do we have the resources to hire an inhouse expert for eveything. Akers makes its possible for us to stay up to date with new techologies and best practices to contionue to grow our business.
— Pace M. / Dwell Outdoors
Akers Digital has helped us navigate the constantly changing digital marketing landscape. Their expertise has helped us find success with our Meta, Google, and Basis ad campaigns. Their creativity has proven to be benefitial when it comes to using platforms like Klaviyo as well. We're not experts when it comes to the difference digital marketing platforms, so Akers help has been critical to growing our online business.
— Tyler / Burgeon Outdoors
I highly recommend the team at Akers Digital for any digital ad campaigns and implementations. They also have insights into Shopify and can enhance your overall e-commerce business. They are a pleasure to work with and team players.
— Edna / LaMO Footwear
What sets Akers Digital apart is not just their expertise in technical situations, but their dedication to their partners success. When you decide to work with Tim and his team, you can really lean into their knowledge and desire to grow your brand, deliver on OKR's, and bring well-rounded data to support your marketing efforts.
— Anonymous via G2