Shopify recently announced its new theme and app framework called Online Store 2.0 or simply OS2.0. This update provides a massive improvement to Shopify stores allowing brands to further customize pages and product pages.

So what does this mean for you? Let's take a look.

Why Make the switch to OS2.0?

Sections everywhere

Animation courtesy of Shopify

In the past sections have mostly been available only on homepages. Some themes have had limited sections available on PDP's and other pages like FAQ's & Contact Us. However, OS2.0 opens up sections to be used on every page. This means you can easily make really amazing internal pages and bring your About Us page to the next level.

Sections also comes to product pages with the ability to move around product titles, descriptions, as well as other sections like full width videos, columns, and other interactive elements.

Animation courtesy of Shopify

Metafields to Product Descriptions

This one has us REALLY excited. Metafields have always been around but have not been built into Shopify's theme editor. That has now changed. With metafields you can now insert custom sections into the product pages that can be edited directly from the backend of Shopify.

What are the use-cases for this? You can now add product/category specific:

  • Sizing charts
  • Product Videos
  • Care instructions
  • Product detail shots
  • Materials & Features section
  • and more

Sure, you could always add these sections into the product descriptions in the past. However, this typically came along with the added baggage or poor design and usability. By turning these metafields into each to use sections, you can now bring product pages to the next level.

Here is a walk through from Shopify on how these metafields work

Why upgrade now?

Before starting Akers Digital, we were athletes and coaches. One of our favorite expressions is "Nothing New On Game Day." If you want to try something new, do it in practice first.

"Nothing New On Game Day"

- Every Coach Ever

In the eCommerce world, game day is Q4 for most brands. Launching a new theme the week before Black Friday is just a bad idea. The time to start building your OS2.0 themes is now, in Q3, so everyone has lots of practice before game day.

Our current favorites?

Here are some of our favorite OS2.0 themes. We will keep this list updated as I know more themes are on the way. We are anxiously awaiting the new OS2.0 theme from Out of the Sandbox, one of our favorite Shopify developer groups.